Dragon Ball (First series):

Physical Strength: Class 100 + (should be in the few hundreds of tons of strength)

Speed: Hypersonic (in the low 2 digits mach, around the mach 20 mark)

Destructive Capacity: City +

Resistance: Country + (can take various city busting attacks)

Inteligence: Battle Genius

Dragon Ball Z / Kai (second series, Remake):

Physical strength: Class 100 + (by math he should be above the 100,000 tons)

Speed: Relativistic

Destructive Capacity: Solar system + (Cell was stated to be able to destroy a solar system with his strongest attack shown, end of DBZ characters are several times stronger than Cell)

Resistance: Planet + (likely Multi-Planet)

Inteligence: Battle Genius

Dragon Ball GT (Third series / Non-canon):

Physical Strength: Class 100 + (punches in SS1 could send Super 17 across continents, by math he should be in the millions of tons)

Speed: Faster Than Light

Destructive Capacity: Multi-Solar System (but attacks are extremely compressed)

Resistance: Multi-Solar System (took baby vegetas strongest attack, wich is leagues above buu, wich is also leagues above cell)

Inteligence: Battle Genius