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the serie starts as Shina Yuya (female protagonist) meets kyoshiro, Yuya is a bounty hunter, and Kyoshiro is wanted with a 100 $ bounty (for eating and running), she plans to hand him over, but due to certain circumstances, they get in a fight, and Kyoshiro tries to protect Yuya, the enemies unawarely attack Kyoshiro who simply states "he is coming", Kyoshiros body is taken over by another personality wich mercilessly cuts down the criminals, the identity of this other personality is "Demon Eyes" Kyo, who has a bounty of 1,000,000 $ over his head for killing over 1000 people, Yuya decides to get that bounty and tags with kyo,

Kyos goal is to recover his body (his sould is imprisoned in kyoshiros body), the series starts with relatively normal power level for a swordfighter series, but as the series progresses they meet with many powerfull villains like Oda Nobunada, and after roughly a little more 1/4 into the serie the mibu are shown, a clan of god-like beings who secretly control everything from the shadows, Kyo is quickly shown to be the true protagonist (as its title states) and ends up fighting the mibu on his quest to "recover his body", starting from the lower members and proceding to the goyousei, the berserkers, the taishirou, and etc., the power between each of them noticeably increases, to the point where various high tier characters are flatout stated to be around lightspeed, and have god-like powers (most of them including some massive special abilities), end of series aboluste top tiers are supposedly faster than light and have a huge diference in power between the rest of the chars (altough there are only 2) to the point that the diference is comparable to that of goku and vegeta in saiyan saga to the rest of the fighters shown till that point, naturally, samurai deeper kyo wins against most series just trough pure speedblitz and special abilities, this verse should be considered quite a serious threat and can easily wipe out anything on saiyan saga level trough pure speedblitz, it is hard to decifer how far they can go into power levels compared to other series, as there main argument in battle against other verses is usually speedblitzing, altough finding something they cant cut down is quite dificult