Noein is an anime that centers around Haruka Kaminogi, with Yuu Gotou as co-protagonist, and third protagonist "Karasu" (the only one of the three that actually battles), the story is about Noein, the antagonist who absorbs other universes into his own, looking for a way to stop him, the high-ops of la´cryma, a universe being absorbed by Noein, send the dragon knights, super powered quantum beings, to capture the dragon torque, wich is a "thing" that posseses time / space manipulation of enough degree to stop Noein, Haruka is the dragon torque, and the dragon knights are after her, quickly in the story "Karasu" decides to side with Haruka, and protect her from the remaining dragon knights and Noein.

realisticaly speaking the verse in the beggining of the series doesnt seem that powerful, but upon understanding quantum mechanics, it is obvious how powerful the verse really is, all the dragon knights and Noein are quantum beings, wich means that they are just like "imaginary numbers", "an illusion to other beings" or "non-existant in reality", etc., meaning, they can not be hurt by almost any other being even from there own or even other anime verses, making attacks like "planet busting" not matter much, even if they themselves cant do this, to top it off, there not only almost impossible to damage, but being quantum beings they pull whatever random thing out when they want in the moment of battle, from "energy balls" to altering their body, to turning into giant energy beings to even dissapearing (or whatever karasu did in the fight atop of the airplane), and to add the cherry to the cake, there pressence is an anomally to time / space, and when they use there powers a timestop eventually ocurrs, and that is the dragon knights power, Noein, outclasses any of the dragon knights, and can also "erase" beings, and use time / space manipulation to make his own universe absorb other universes, and the real and only top tier of the series, Haruka is / has the dragon torque, wich permits her to manipulate reality at her whym, from replacing a piece of a broken damn with one of another universe, to being able to make reality whatever future she sees, by the end of the series even being able of restarting all of the universes in existance, altough haruka posseses no battle ability even if she posses reality manipulation, the dragon torque activates automatically itself upon need, so shes immune to almost everything, however there are few fighters in the verse, and besides the fact that they are broken existances, there actual abilities arent too impressive compared to top anime / manga verses, so they would lose to most verses high in power that can actually hit them, the reason why this serie is considered so powerful is mainly due to Harukas multiversal destruction / creation capabilities, and partially thanks to Noeins power and the characters intangibility