Dragon ball z 3-1-


Dragon Ball is the story of Son Goku / Kakarott who meets with bulma and goes in search of the dragon balls, the series starts out mostly as comedy, but quickly turns into a battle / adventure manga with great feats, main villains, when DBZ is reached, goku is found out to be a saiyan, a powerful alien race of warriors who were eliminated by a galactic tyrant named frieza

after beating nappa, practically everyone is a planet buster, eventually reaching supposed solar system busting by cell, wich would make almost everyone in the buu saga the same and even more, the canon verse, is that shown within the manga, making anime fillers like the otherworld tournament, the movies and OVAs and the anime Dragon Ball GT non-canon, realisticly speaking, even just the canon is a very powerful verse, filled with massively hypersonic planet busters and above, but is often exagerated in power by alot of people, going from the exagerations of saying they are galaxy to universe busters, to even saying that dragon ball is the strongest anime / manga verse existant, altough dragon ball Zs canon verse should still rank within the TOP 20 strongest anime / manga verses (not counting mecha series), it is still far from being the strongest