Physical Strength: Class 10 + ? (is at the least in 10 tons of physical strength with his own strength, being able to tear metals easily with his own hands, can make his familiars support him)

Speed: Hypersonic

Destructive Capacity: (is not really a fighter with attacks of mass destruction, but has an army of 3.4 million familiars wich he could easily use to wreck a city)

Resistance: Superhuman (also has regeneration, can regenerate practically from nothingness, all the lives within him are his own)

Inteligence: Incalculable Genius (has over 500 years of experience, was a succesfull conqueror before being a vampire, has extensive knowledge on the same matters as the hellsing organization, and has the knowledge of every life within him)

Note: this is not Schrodinger Alucard, this is the Alucard shown trough the rest of the series, Schrodinger Alucard does nothing bsides appear on a few panels of the final chapter and is not fit to be used in vs